Multimedia Collections and Clutter

Are you a multimedia connoisseur? DVD’s, CD’s, books, maybe even VHS tapes from yesteryear lining the towers of shelves throughout the rooms and walls of your abode? If you’re a movie or music collector like the writer of this blog, such a sight can be a proud display of your fondest titles and artists for all […]

3 Tips for a Clutter-Free Halloween

Who doesn’t love Autumn? Jacket weather, the crisp comfortable air, the fruits of the harvest, the change of color… Nature pretty much sets the change of season with its own decorations and atmosphere. With Halloween kicking off the string of latter-month holidays, homes and families start preparing their own ghoulish adornments. Let’s avoid the nightmare […]

Pool Table Removal

Chuck It Junk Removal is not afraid of anything! When we say you point, we make it disappear. We Mean It! Michigan knows that the best way to remove a hot tub in Michigan, whether inside or outside, is to call Chuck It Junk Removal. But few Ann Arbor residents know that if you want […]

Ypsilanti Proud 2017

Have fun helping neighbors with some Spring cleaning in Ypsilanti with the annual event, Ypsilanti Proud – May 20, 2017.   What Is Ypsilanti Proud? Formerly Ypsilanti PRIDE Day, Ypsilanti Proud engages the whole community, cultivating community pride and local business growth by creating a clean and welcoming environment. Leadership Ypsilanti, an experiential learning program sponsored by the […]

Junk Removal Services In Farmington Hills

Have you ever noticed how clean and beautiful Farmington Hills is? It’s because Farmington Hills obviously cares about its community! The care taken in its nature and history is showcased in a recently renovated downtown, boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, and public parks, as well as sites such as the Governor Warner Mansion and the Longacre House. The latter’s lush […]

Junk Removal Services In Plymouth, Michigan

Without a doubt, the City of Plymouth stays scenic and beautiful because it cares about its community and environment. Matching its 12 parks with dozens of outdoor recreational programs for all ages, one can find plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities, year-round. Since 2008, Plymouth has also been home to the annual Green Street Fair, with exhibits and activities […]

Junk Removal In Redford Township, Michigan

Ever wonder why the Township of Redford is so beautiful and clean? It’s because its people care about their community! Surrounded by 15 different parks, it only goes to show that Redford takes pride in the beauty of their outdoors and surroundings. Its Beautification Commission is another example of this stewardship, a group solely of […]

Junk Removal In Linden, Michigan

A great place for family, community, and the outdoors, the City of Linden also takes pride in its historic charm. Having grown from village to an established city, Linden has also successfully preserved its heritage. A prime example of this fact is found within the heart of the city, at the Linden Mills building. Sitting on the Shiawassee […]

Junk Removal in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Often shortened to Ypsi, the City of Ypsilanti, Michigan has an amazing combination of downtown arts & culture and well-preserved natural areas. Containing Michigan’s second-largest contiguous historic district, Ypsi can be described as a community-minded, progressive city with a history that is present in its shops, entertainment, and arts scene. Just minutes away from this downtown area, you […]

Junk Removal in Hamburg Michigan

As the largest municipality in Livingston County, Hamburg Township is a beautiful departure from big city life. Natural surroundings of lakes and park and recreation areas offer the families of Hamburg a fantastic host of year-round outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping and mountain biking. Are you looking for community-minded junk removal in Hamburg Michigan? Hamburg Michigan […]

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